The East Bethel Ice Arena is reaching out to local businesses that would benefit from advertising at the ice arena. The arena provides variety of advertising opportunities from wall ads to dasher board ads.

Why should you advertise at the East Bethel Ice Arena? Potential customers are captive for extended periods of time. They cannot turn the page, fast-forward, or throw away your message. Your message is reinforced hundreds of times to potential customers throughout the year. Ice arena patrons typically visit the ice arena for one or more hours each time. This gives you the greatest chance to have your message be viewed on multiple occasions. Arena patrons cover the entire demographic spectrum ranging in age, education, careers , and family size. Your advertisement shows a sense of commitment to the community.

For more advertising information, contact City of East Bethel 763-367-7840

Proceeds of advertisement sells goes to improvements at the ice arena.


These advertisement spaces are straight across from the bleachers right above the player benches. This location is directly across from the bleacher viewing area for maximum exposure


Dasher board advertisements tend to be the most popular form of advertising in the ice arena industry today. These ads surround the surface of the rink and provide the most visible exposure to arena patrons.